Organizational Development Workshops

“Susan was on top form! She held the audience by being engaging, professional, and authoritative when required. She demonstrated a consultative approach through attentively listening, then reacting with a thoughtful and considered response...This was a tremendously successful two days”

“Presenter was organized, concise and clear with an empowering style! Susan is dynamic, professional, top-notch in the industry.” 

“Susan was very funny and presented the course material in a clear way and made it lots of fun.”

"Instructor was excellent - personable, intelligent, animated, funny - great."

"Our presenter is a very effective communicator. She's done a very good job in motivating and in some occasions inspiring us. She manages to put things in perspective for us and make it a very practical and useful course."

Self-development Workshops

“Bravo for a very successful workshop yesterday. You are a skilled, compassionate and authentic leader/facilitator! I enjoyed myself immensely and felt very safely held.”

“Thank you again for holding the space for me…I thought your work with me was very skillful. As I think you know, I received a great gift that day.”